„Looking for a perfect coffee machine for the office”…

06 Aug, 2020
„Looking for a perfect coffee machine for the office”…

„How to choose right coffee machine for the office?”

If you asked yourself this question … Congratulations!

You are one of those employers, who want to provide for your team a benefits that fit into their needs, as well as met the standards within the labor market.

…possibility of drinking delicious coffee in the workplace is undoubtedly one of such benefits!

Keep in mind that happy employees provides more effective work!

…that’s why, we will help and tell you what to choose.

To put it more simply: it seems like the best option would be a coffee machine that satisfies all of our employees. As for the device itself, it cannot cause problems in daily usage and will be a reliable. Therefore, the most frequently chosen solution are automatic coffee machines.

Efficiency of coffee machine.

…by far the most important criteria.

Choosing a coffee machine for your office, you need to keep in mind how many cups of coffee it will prepare daily or weekly. …and while there are several elements that should be considered, efficiency of the coffee machine that is the most important.

Besides, if we want to find the right coffee machine we need to know:

How many employees do we have in the office who drink coffee? …and how many kilograms of coffee do we use weekly? 1.5 kg, 4 or maybe 8?

All above information are important, as they will help you to better adapt the appropriate equipment for the actual needs of your employees.

„If you don’t know what’s about, then it’s about the money.”

We know that… 🙂

That’s why, Coffee Office configurator is designed to help you choose the right coffee machine.

Take the next step and contact us by our „Contact form”, or leave the message using „Ask question”. We will prepare an offer which will be tailored for your needs, as well as for your budget… and what is also very important: we will offer you the real Italian coffee!

We are official and exclusive distributor of  7Gr. coffee, being one of the finest coffee roaster in Italy!

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